515 Soquel Ave: Demolish Eye Medical Group for 55 unit, 48 foot 4 story building

Application for the demolition of the Eye Medical Group building and approval of a 4 story 48 foot tall development has been submitted for the property west of Branciforte Plaza. Currently the Eye Medical Group located at 515 Soquel Avenue, the development would include 51 SRO (single room occupancy) units in a 48 foot tall 4 story building, plus an additional 2 duplexes, for a  total of 55 units with underground parking.

The first application date for this project was August 19, 2015, and the proposed building was described as 5 stories. A second application was applied for on April 19 2016, describes a proposed 4 story building. The application specifically requests approval to demolish the commercial buildings at 515 Soquel Avenue, the Eye Medical Group building. This is a landmark building along Soquel Avenue is situated just below Branciforte Plaza. It would be a “local’s heartbreak” to witness the demolition of this precious building for the development of a 4 story 48 foot tall monstrosity. Wikipedia description of SRO’s

Soquel Avenue Apartments
515 Soquel Avenue | APN: 010-012-29
Status: Under Review
Description: Demolition Authorization Permit to demolish an existing commercial building (Eye Medical Group) and a residential unit, a Boundary Line Adjustment to reconfigure three lots into two lots, and a Conceptual Planned Development Permit and Special Use Permit to construct a four-story structure with 51 single room occupancy units that exceed height in the CC zone district, and two duplex structures with reduced setbacks.
Planner: Ryan Bane | (831) 420-5141

Proposed View – approximated from City of Santa Cruz PDF “Current Development Projects” August 31, 2016


Existing Eye Medical Group office at 515 Soquel. 50 foot tall building with 55 units proposed here.

Existing Eye Medical Group office at 515 Soquel.


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