618 Windsor Street: 5 Units on a Single Family Lot


Without public notification or a public hearing, a development consisting of 2 duplexes and 1 detached unit (5 units total) has been approved for 618 Windsor Street, on the block between Cayuga Street and Seabright Avenue.


Through public records, we’ve discovered that this development is driven by the same developer of the towering new 3 story duplex at 114 Hall Street, and the lot is approved for 2 duplexes of the same size plus a single family.

Will the Windsor development follow the same footsteps of 114 Hall Street and go over height with no penalties or red flagging from the planning department?  Is cramming 5 over-sized units into a single family lot a good idea? Most residents that we’ve heard from either in person, on public forums or in meetings do not think so, and in fact, adamantly oppose such developments.

But the City of Santa Cruz planning commission thinks buildings of this scale are appropriate for Seabright and Branciforte neighborhoods and in fact are encouraging this type of horrible development.


114 Hall Street 3 story duplex

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