515 Soquel Ave: Demolish Eye Medical Group for 55 unit, 48 foot 4 story building

Application for the demolition of the Eye Medical Group building and approval of a 4 story 48 foot tall development has been submitted for the property west of Branciforte Plaza. Currently the Eye Medical Group located at 515 Soquel Avenue, the development would include 51 SRO (single room occupancy) units in a 48 foot tall 4 story building, plus an additional 2 duplexes, for a  total of 55 units with underground parking.

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Proposed 56 Unit Affordable Housing Development at 708 Water Street

This development is still in-flux in terms of size, number of units, and parcels involved. As of our posting here, the site is being planned as presented here.

A 56 unit affordable housing project is being proposed at 708, 712, 718, & 720 Water Street at the existing Hall’s Surrey House Antiques shop property. A public hearing outlined how they are planning to up the development from originally planned 21 unit to 50 units. And as of August 31, 2016 it is now proposed at 56 units. Also of note is that The Breakers apartment complex at 632 Water Street has a pending application to add 20 SROs. The Breakers is marketed as UCSC student housing.Continue reading

618 Windsor Street: 5 Units on a Single Family Lot


Without public notification or a public hearing, a development consisting of 2 duplexes and 1 detached unit (5 units total) has been approved for 618 Windsor Street, on the block between Cayuga Street and Seabright Avenue.


Through public records, we’ve discovered that this development is driven by the same developer of the towering new 3 story duplex at 114 Hall Street, and the lot is approved for 2 duplexes of the same size plus a single family.

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1800 Soquel Ave: 32 Condos + Commercial Development Proposed


A large mixed-use commercial and residential project located on the corner of Soquel Avenue and Hagemann Avenue (May’s Sushi) has been approved by the City Council in a 7-0 vote. The mixed commercial/residential development is 32 small condominiums situated above street-level commercial space spread over two 40 foot tall buildings with nearly 200 feet of Soquel Avenue frontage.Continue reading