430 Frederick Street – New 2 Story home plus 1 Story ADU


This piece of land was taken by the City under eminent domain from the owners of the white house when the 1972 plan was to connect Broadway to Brommer with a road through Arana Gulch. The property owners were told by the City that the land was unbuildable and that it would be used as open space, specifically a park. The owners today have owned the property for nearly 80 years.

Fast forward and presto-chango, City sells it to Habitat for Humanity, and now not only is it buildable, but it’s big enough for two buildings. Because there’s an ADU, no covered parking (aka garage) is required. But they do have tandem parking spots. Now there will be another driveway in the middle of the Frederick/Broadway intersection, with 3 cars backing into the intersection to exit the property. The new fence has been built 26″ from the existing home. This poses some serious access and safety issues to the existing home.Continue reading