On the Roof of La Posta: Telecommunications Facility (Cell Phone Site)

A telecommunications facility (cell antenna) has been approved to be installed up the back wall of La Posta restaurant and extending 2.5′ above the roof ridge. Many people have concerns about the health effects of working and living in close proximity to these powerful transmitters. The upstairs is residential. The uppermost part of the antenna will be just over their heads.

In addition to the the health concerns, there is also historical importance to consider. The La Posta building was originally the Seabright Post Office and Cash Store and constructed in 1906. It was one of the earliest Federal post offices on the coast of California. The Santa Cruz post office on Front Street was built in 1912.

The property was found eligible for the California Register of Historical Resources, and the building maintains minimally adequate historical integrity as per the National Register’s seven aspects of integrity. Though eligible, the building owner has opted out of being included in City of Santa Cruz, State of California, or National historical registries.






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