Proposed 56 Unit Affordable Housing Development at 708 Water Street

This development is still in-flux in terms of size, number of units, and parcels involved. As of our posting here, the site is being planned as presented here.

A 56 unit affordable housing project is being proposed at 708, 712, 718, & 720 Water Street at the existing Hall’s Surrey House Antiques shop property. A public hearing outlined how they are planning to up the development from originally planned 21 unit to 50 units. And as of August 31, 2016 it is now proposed at 56 units. Also of note is that The Breakers apartment complex at 632 Water Street has a pending application to add 20 SROs. The Breakers is marketed as UCSC student housing.

Water Street Affordable Housing
708, 712, 718, & 720 Water Street | APN: 010-031-58, 63, 72, 73
Status: Under Review
Description: Lot Line Adjustment, Residential and Non-Residential Demolition Authorization Permits, Design Permit, and Special Use Permit to combine four parcels, demolish seven residences and two commercial buildings, and to construct a 56-unit, 100% affordable rental housing development in the C-C and R-L Zone Districts.
Planner: Samantha Haschert | (831) 420-5196

Existing Site –  Aerial View

Approximated Proposed Development – Aerial View


Existing View from the Water Street

Affordable housing developer eyes new Santa Cruz site

by Jessica A. York – 08/23/15

[ NOTE: This is the original article stating 21 units. In January 2016 the developer is increasing the proposal to 50 units. August 31, 2016 now proposes 56 units. ]

SANTA CRUZ >> A new affordable housing project by a familiar builder may soon be on the horizon.

For the Future Housing, which completed construction of the Riverwalk Apartments in 2014, is seeking a loan from the city to develop a 21-unit housing project catering to extremely low, very low and low-income residents on Water Street.

On Tuesday, the Santa Cruz City Council will consider a 55-year loan for $1.3 million during its 2:30 p.m. meeting. The move, if approved, would pull from a city fund designed to assist in affordable housing projects.

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Grassroots Santa Cruz homeless winter shelter to use city building as ‘last resort’

by Jessica A. York – 1/12/16

“Later in the meeting, the council also backed additional loan funding for a Water Street affordable housing project aiming to expand from 21 units up to 50. The proposal sparked concerns with neighbors who shared concerns ranging from property value impacts and safety to traffic and visual impacts. Developer For the Future Housing is in the process of securing some $17.1 million in funding, minus city support, from backers for the expanded proposal. It will still need to go through public planning processes in order to build the project, despite securing city assistance.”

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