Our Mission

In-Scale, In-Character Development and Historic Recognition

There is no doubt that the intent of the City of Santa Cruz—working closely with developers—is on a fast pace to build large housing developments throughout Villa de Branicforte and Seabright neighborhoods. So much so that developers are getting away with code infractions, or code is simply reinterpreted to accommodate the development.

There are too many neighbors with personal horror stories of the impact of development

Our mission is to inform neighbors of what's being proposed where, what is recently approved, and work with all agencies involved to protect our truly special neighborhoods. Zoning definitions for our neighborhoods needs to be changed.

Those of us living in neighborhoods east of the San Lorenzo River can have a strong voice, and we intend to protect what has defined us for years.

Thank you for visiting our website and your interest in our neighborhood developments.

Villa de Branciforte Preservation Society